Who Are We?

Impossible Ideas is a company that specialises in Finishing Editing for Television. The final process that takes your locked final offline edit and polishes up to be the best it can be both visually and technically through the process of Colour Grading and Online Editing. We also strive to make your programme technical compliant in order to pass through Vidcheck and be PSE compliant. We can deliver to transmission via AS11-DPP as long as the Producer is comfortable signing off the eyeball check.

 Ian Brown

11047248_878238678888944_97303735_nAs the MD of Impossible Ideas, I have spent over half my life, 23 years, working at the highest level of British TV production. I specialise in High End Drama and Documentary/Factual programming where attention to detail is everything.


I offer onsite Online and Colour Grading services and Remote Online and Colour Grading via Avid Everywhere and Da Vinci Resolve. With lower overheads than a full blown facility, it is perfectly feasible to have your small scale project professionally finished by a Leading Industry Player on fully calibrated industry standard equipment.

Len Before

A simple example of colour grading, the footage as shot is a little flat, the hosts face a bit lost and the sky is dull. Its not quite punching through

Len After

With just a little help we end up with this more balanced image. It’s more contrasty, the sky is a light blue and the hosts face is accentuated as this is where our eye deserves to be led. 


Why colour Grade?

All television programmes benefit from a colour grade session. Due to multiple camera formats, lighting that is difficult to control, weather conditions and many other factors, your final cut can end up being a mixture of over exposed, under exposed and multiple colour cast imagery. A grading session, at its simplest, balances out these issues and gives you an even programme that is more representative of what the human eye expects to see.

Unfortunately even though most programme makers understand this and see it as desirable, the cost of facility based colour grading can be prohibitive at the low-middle end budget range such as daytime or children’s television.

Untitled_1.33.2This GV was shot Log and wouldn’t look very attractive at all if left in the cut in a ungraded state.

By grading the image we introduce a warmth and colour which focuses the eye to the attractive elements within the shot.


Why Use Impossible Ideas

 Our grading and online packages start at £60 per hour and because we do both processes simultaneously, there is also a considerable time saving. We are happy to negotiate on price for bulk bookings such as a series.

If you have a packaged cost with a facility then it makes sense to go with their expertise, but if not why not give us a ring or drop us an email?

Untitled_1.124.2This setup has a lot going for it but it just suffers a bit from being slightly two dimensional

With just a little effort the image becomes balanced and again our eyes are drawn to the host and his guest. The image on the right took seconds to balance and the grades are easily applied to all subsequent appearances of this angle.


DSC_0580 (1)


The finishing facility was build with the help of Scan Computers Pro Video department in Bolton in conjuction with NVidia, PNY and Blackmagic we have build a system capable of working up to 4K.

I use a Tangent Wave control surface and have an Eizo CG247 monitor which is weekly self calibrated in the REC709 Broadcast colour space.

Other Services

Alongside Online and Colour Grading services, I am also an accomplished Director from small scale Corporate Projects to full blown Pop Promos, Commercials and am a specialist in Computer Controlled Timelapse. If you want an all in one, Plan – Shoot – Edit – Deliver solution please get in touch.


For bookings and availability, my online diary is managed via NWEG, the North West Editors Guild



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