Impossible Pop Promos

Impossible Ideas have made a number of Pop Videos. Shot primarily on DSLR using Prime lenses and edited on both FCP7 & AVID Media Composer


Shot in and around a freezing barn on the outskirts of Bolton, and edited in a morning. Finished and delivered within a week

The Soup Song by Pancho Ballard and the Banditos. Shot in a kitchen in Harwood. Based on the famous Aphrodisiacal Reconciliation soup by Isabel Allende

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. This 1 take (Cough Cough) epic was filmed on Winter Hill in Bolton. I also made a 3D version but interest waned before I got around to editing it…

What’s that you say? You wish someone would film a short pop promo of someone miming to Don’t Stop Believing in a Nisa supermarket in Salford that wasn’t actually closed? Done!

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