What We Also Do

Well apart from the core business of Online editing and Colour grading, Impossible Ideas does anything media related really, the more impossible the better.


Offline editing.

As the Director, I am an accomplished offline editor and am always looking to work on good projects with interesting people.



With inside expert knowledge of how modern TV is constructed in the cutting room, Impossible Ideas is able to help you plan your shoot or production, whatever the genre, to enable a smooth passage through post.


Consultancy & Advice

With a full and holistic knowledge of the post production chain, Impossible Ideas is ideally placed to design, test and advise on the ever changing challenges that face a modern television production. From working with tapeless workflows to full delivery solutions.



(With various Cameras not Guns)

As the director of Impossible Ideas, I am a confident self shooter with experience on a multitude of cameras. The company also has the connections to be able to utilise the skills of many of the best self shooters in the North West too when needed.



If we can’t help, perhaps we might know someone who can? Impossible Ideas is in regular contact with most of the key people working in North West TV production and might be the conduit to someone who can help you out? (Cameras, Editing, Producers & Directors etc)

Other – Ask, you never know…

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